Family Safaris

Keeping it in the Family

Travelling with children, parents and grandparents

Spend quality time together on a family safari
Creating family memories that will last a lifetime is easy on a multigenerational African safari. Let’s look at some of the reasons why…
If there’s one thing that the global pandemic has taught us it’s that life is fleeting and that as families we should make the most of the time we have together. Family travel is not a new concept, but taking it further and including three generations on one trip is something that’s fast emerging as a popular choice for people seeking much-needed “we” time following the constraints of life during lockdown.

An African safari is the perfect choice for extended families wanting a truly special experience, allowing grandparents, parents and children to come together in a unique and perfectly tailored way to enjoy connecting with Africa’s incredible wild places and wildlife.

With our trademark small, intimate camps featuring just a few tents in wild and remote wildernesses, many of which also offer exclusive-use safari villas with multiple bedroom options, Stanley Safaris is leading the way forward when it comes to family safaris.

Designing a safari fit for your family

We understand that grandparents and older family members may not have the levels of energy and stamina of young and teenage children and that parents (of all ages) sometimes need a break from the kids.

By choosing destinations that offer dedicated children’s programmes for younger members of the family that are also small enough to be able to tailor your daily schedule to meet multiple different requirements, we make sure your safari experience is custom designs to fit your family.

In every destination we operate in we use camps that are small enough to accommodate your entire family on an exclusive basis, with just a few tents or rooms that can effectively become your home-from-home in the African bush.

This allows us to create itineraries that let some family members stay in bed late and eat breakfast when they want to while the others get up at the crack of dawn to go out on a morning adventure till who-knows-when! It also means there’s maximum flexibility when it comes to mealtimes and activities, enabling you to have amazing, life-affirming experiences together every single day.

Most importantly, this ability to tailor things to suit your extended families’ needs ensures that you spend the quality time together you’ve been yearning for… Gathering around a camp fire to share stories and memories while listening to the African night, witnessing the majesty of a fantastic African sunset out in the bush while raising a glass (or two) to Mother Nature, exploring incredible wilderness areas and marveling at iconic wildlife species and sharing phenomenal meals as a family around the same table…

Bringing you closer together

Today’s families are often separated by more than just geography or location, with very little time set aside for just being together and enjoying one another’s company, reminiscing, laughing and making new memories.

Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime and Skype are no replacement for the joy of actually seeing one another and spending time together, and holidays and family celebrations come around too rarely.

Taking a vacation as a family is the best way to reconnect with loved ones, cement relationships and rediscover the importance of family. We are all living longer, so it’s entirely possible to get three and even four generations on a family safari, bringing grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters and children together for the trip of a lifetime.

Africa also has an incredible way of forging bonds between people, reminding you of what’s important in your life. An authentic safari experience with your closest family will create incredible memories for all concerned and connect you with the miracle of true wilderness in remote destinations that are also incredibly therapeutic.

A Safari Just for you…

We can help you choose from a range of luxury safari camps and lodges that can be booked out in their entirety for your whole family or select a private safari villa or house in one of Africa’s top safari destinations that will give you the space and flexibility you need to create the perfect family safari experience.
We recommend an extended safari in one country at the moment, doing away with the need for multiple COVID-19 tests for international flights and connections. Countries like Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Namibia offer great opportunities for families to travel together to a range of different destinations within their borders.

Talk to us today about more advice and to arrange a special family safari for you.