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Walking Safaris

Spending time on a walking safari whilst on your African Safari, is one of the purest ways to experience the true wilderness. Learning about the smaller aspects of the African bush like animal tracks and signs, medicinal uses of plants, insects and so much more. 

Incredible Safari Experiences

Being on a walking safari is one of the most incredible safari experiences you can get whilst in Africa. Being on foot, knowing there is a big game around really gets the senses going – you smell, hear and see everything around you. This is when your guide really shines and comes alive as he or she reads the signs around you left by the animals you are looking for. They call this their daily newspaper as there is so much information left behind as animals move through the area.

Finer aspects of a safari

A walking safari is not all about getting close to the big animals, it is more about the smaller things that you generally miss when you are on the back of a game drive. The animal spoor, the marks they leave behind on the trees and bushes, the food they have been eating, their droppings – these are all signs that your guide looks out for. You will learn about insects, spiders, birds, trees, plants, geology and so much more, it really is an educational experience. Often your guides will have a particular passion and so you will often end up tasting fruits, and learning about traditional medicinal plants – walking safaris are about all the senses.

Being on foot in Africa

There are various ways to experience a walking safari whilst in Africa, that are perfect for different interests or fitness levels. Generally, a walking safari is not about covering huge distances, but is more about learning and appreciating being on foot in Africa. Above are a selection of multi-day walking safaris throughout Africa, but please bear in mind walking safaris are often offered as one of the activities from the different camps and lodges we work with. So, if you are not interested in doing a multi-day walking safari but would like to experience a walking safari whilst you are in Africa, please let us know so we can make sure we use camps that offer this activity.

Exceptional Walking Safari guides

In order to safely enjoy a walking safari, guides take several years of guiding and being in the bush before they are able to take guests on a walking safari. There are various options guests can enjoy whilst on their African Safari. We are able to offer black rhino tracking in Namibia, walking from walking specialist camps in Botswana, walking the length of Mana Pools in Zimbabwe, walking between camps in Zambia, following the migration through the Serengeti or enjoying a helicopter walking safari in Kenya. There is something for everyone.