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Authentic Cultural Experiences

Africa is full of exciting, colorful and proud cultures, whether it is the Samburu or Masaai of Kenya, the Hadzabe of Tanzania, the bushmen of Botswana, the Himba of Namibia or the Ba ‘Aka of the Central African Republic, we only look for the most authentic cultural experiences for our guests. 

The best way to experience Africa’s true colors, life and energy is to spend time with her people and to learn about the rich cultures and traditions. From the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert in Botswana, the Himbas of northern Namibia, the Samburu and Masai from East Africa and the Ba’aka of the Central African Rain Forests, each of Africa’s cultures is rich in history, color and traditions and spending time with them is a humbling experience.

Often the people of Africa are overlooked when planning a safari, but often it is the people that make Africa so special and it is often interactions with warm, genuine people that create the best African Safari memories. You don’t have to go far in Africa to find genuine smiles and laughter as kids come to meet you and show you their part of the world. It is often this warmth and genuineness that makes a safari to Africa so special and memorable.

The Himba people of Northern Namibia live a semi-nomadic lifestyle, herding their sheep, goats and cattle through the harsh deserts and mountains of Koakaland and Damaraland. The Himba women are most famous for covering their bodies and hair with a red paste made from butterfat and ochre. This is done to protect them from the harsh dry desert environment.

The Samburu people of Kenya are a sub tribe of the Masai and are extremely proud of their culture and traditions.

We don’t do Voluntourism, but we ensure we only work with camps and lodges that have strong community and conservation values as this is the only way we can really conserve Africa’s wildlife, wilderness and communities. If you would like to get involved, we can look at a few options for donations, and then include a visit to these projects during your visit.