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Family Safaris

A family safari to Africa is all about spending quality time together in nature, learning about the true wilderness and about disconnecting from everyday life. It is about immersing yourselves into the natural world and bonding with each other whilst enjoying the best wildlife and cultural experiences you can get and creating your own stories to take away and cherish for the rest of your lives. 

A Family Safari is about spending quality time together without the distractions of the modern world and to create magical moments together. It is about experiencing the wilderness together and spending time telling stories around the campfire at night. We have been lucky to grow up in Africa and experience it from a very early age and so we know what effect this can have on a child as they grow up.

We have been working with lots of camps and lodges throughout Africa and so know the best camps and lodges for families with kids. Making sure the kids are well looked after and that the activities and experiences are very much geared towards them will ensure everyone has the best time. This is not about shipping your kids off to a “kid’s club” for the duration of the holiday, but rather about the family spending quality time together learning about Africa, her people and wildlife and how everything in nature works in harmony. This is the best lesson they can have away from the classroom.

African people in general are excellent with kids. They are very patient and love to share their stories and knowledge of what it is like living and growing up in Africa. Your kids will come away with lifelong friends from the experiences they have on their African safari.

Nowadays we have our families and love taking them to the bush on safari. It is our way of getting away from the technology that is driving the current world and getting back to nature, sitting around a campfire with the distant roars of lions.

Speak to our family safari specialist and let us tailor the perfect family friendly safari for you to create lifelong memories.