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Head into the jungles of Africa to track and spend time with some of our closest relatives. Whether you want to see mountain gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda or their smaller more agile cousins, lowland gorillas in the Republic of Congo, or  follow chimpanzees through the forests of Uganda or Tanzania or to go in search of the numerous lemur species in Madagascar we have the perfect primate safari for you. 

Spending time with some of our closest relatives in their natural environment is a special experience and is certainly a highlight of any safari in Africa. Whether you are tracking mountain gorillas in Rwanda or Uganda, lowland gorillas in the Congo, Chimpanzees in Uganda or Tanzania or simply spending time with the many different lemur species in Madagascar, you will certainly feel a connection when watching primates.

Looking into a gorilla’s eyes as she wakes up from her siesta, you will see we are not all that different and the connection is real. Mountain gorillas are the largest of the great apes and live in Uganda, Rwanda and DRC in very small pockets of thick rain forest or bamboo forests. There are a few gorilla families that have been studied for many years and are habituated, and it is these families that a lucky few tourists can spend time with. Groups are limited to a maximum of 8 people and limited to 1 hour a day, so that there is very little impact on the daily lives of the gorillas. Tracking gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda can take anything from an hour to a full day, depending on the family you have been allocated.

Lowland gorillas live in the forest of the Central African countries of The Congo and Central African Republic and are slightly smaller and more mobile than their mountain cousins. There are a few habituated families that have been studied over years, and these are the families that guests track and spend time with during the gorilla safari.

Chimpanzees are a lot more active and are more arboreal than their larger cousins, the gorillas. Chimpanzees live in thick rain forests through Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Congo, CAR and DRC, but unless they are habituated, you will hear them but rarely see them. There are a few habituated families of chimpanzees in Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda that allow a few lucky tourists the chance to spend an hour with them as they go about their daily lives.

With over 100 different lemur species found only in Madagascar raging from the smallest mouse lemur to the largest Indri-Indri and the strangest aye-aye. Madagascar is one of those completely unique destinations that is the perfect destination for families, honeymooners or simply those looking for something different. With some of the strangest animals and the some of the most pristine beaches, Madagascar is an incredible destination.

Speak to one of our Primate Safari Specialists to get you up close with some of our closest relatives in their natural habitat.