We Meet Our Own Alice Bonnes

We meet Alice Bonnes

This month we chat to the third team member at Stanley Safaris – social manager and content writer Alice. Get to know the team and learn about what life is like behind the scenes at Stanley Safaris.

Alice Bonnes - Social Media and Content Creator for Stanley Safaris

Last but not least in our office introductions blog post series is the individual behind Stanley Safaris’ social media content, SEO endeavors, and most recent blog posts. Hi everyone, I’m Alice, the content writing piece of our dream team here at Stanley Safaris.

Writing a blog post about yourself is a bit of a challenge. Think that dreaded “describe yourself in a sentence” icebreaker at a new job, but make it 1000 words, SEO compliant, and available for the world to see. So unsurprisingly, I asked Shaun multiple times if he was sure he wanted this piece and when he wouldn’t change his mind, I left it to the last minute because I didn’t know where to start. I eventually decided to begin at the beginning. Please bear with me.

I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, to an adventurous family who firmly believed the only way to gain a complete education was to collect enough stamps in your passport. My dad is a businessman who spent years traveling Africa and beyond. Even as an adult working in the tourism industry, I’m embarrassed, and yet still oddly proud, to say that my dad was been to more African countries than I would be able to name.

Most of his work took him to the Seychelles though – those breath-taking granite islands nestled into the Indian ocean. My first international trip was to visit him there when I was six. I’ve been back many times since then, but it was that first trip that cemented the magic of the country in me. It was my first taste of the wonder of exploring. There I met friends who have become family and experienced the beauty of not only a new place but of meeting people entirely different from you, who you go on to form lifelong connections with. When I saw the Stanley Safaris job post and did some research into the company before deciding to apply, it was Shaun’s work in the Seychelles that convinced me this was a job I could do and could do well.

It was by chance I came across that job description. I have a background in lifestyle content writing, but looking back, I have no idea why I didn’t venture into travel writing sooner. At Stanley Safaris, I cover blog posts, social media, and general SEO work on our website.

My favorite part of this job is the freedom with which I’m able to work, and the people I get to interact with through it. There is something incredibly inspiring about working with people who love what they do. Shaun’s passion for this project comes through in every interaction with him. It’s easy to work hard when you’re surrounded by people who love what you’re working on. And as a team, we live for the reviews we receive at the end of a guest’s trip. Hearing about their experience, seeing Africa through their eyes, and knowing we played a small part in creating those memories, is what the travel industry is all about.

It’s also what keeps the travel bug alive in me. I had to think about it for a while before committing to an experience, but probably the most memorable trip I ever took was in my final year of high school, where I once again joined my dad on a business trip, this time to Hong Kong. It was my second time in the electric city. But I was older this time, and my appreciation for its’ frenetic, yet beautiful energy reached new heights. That trip to Hong Kong cemented my love of exploring. Not quite 18 years old, wandering through an enormous airport on my own for the first time ever, I had never felt so oddly at ease.

That’s the city I want to go back to most. If I could climb on a plane right now to anywhere on earth, it would be there, although visiting Tokyo is close behind. As far as the earth’s natural wonders are concerned, I dream of seeing the baobabs in Madagascar and swimming with whale sharks off Tanzania’s coast. Working at Stanley Safaris has opened my eyes to experiences I had only ever dreamed of, despite being a relatively well-traveled individual.

I can’t wait for my next trip – I know that with the wealth of experience I can tap into at work, my next adventure will be nothing short of spectacular.