Best time to go on Safari – April to June

When is the Best Time to Go on Safari

Knowing where to go on safari is one thing, but going at the right time of the year based on your interests and expectations is something else. In this blog we look at the best places to go on safari in April, May and June.

In this blog post we continue our guide of the best locations for an African safari throughout the year. In this article we’ll share a comprehensive guide on where to travel in April, May and June.

East Africa is at the height of its rainy season at this time of year, so rather than getting rained out in Tanzania or Kenya, we recommend venturing south.

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Where to go on safari in April

If you’re planning a safari during April, Botswana should undoubtably be considered. At this time of year, the rains have come to an end, meaning the Okavango Delta is flooded, creating fresh, idyllic surroundings for the water based safari activities you can only experience in this unique part of the world. Because it’s a shoulder season, travelling is not as expensive as it would at peak times, but you also do not need to worry about being rained out.

The Okavango Delta is spectacular at this time of year, but the less celebrated game reserves in the south of the country are also well worth a visit. The Makgadikgadi Pans is especially lovely during April, and we’d definitely recommend combining it with your Okavango Delta experience.

Another must visit location for a safari in April is South Africa. Autumn in Southern Africa is short lived, but it’s an excellent time to visit both the game reserves in the north and Cape Town in the south. The weather is cool but not unpleasant. Even better, the once thick vegetation begins to thin, making animals easier to spot. Cooler weather also makes the animals more active, giving visitors more opportunity for sightings. April in one of the best times to visit Cape Town too. The cooler weather is excellent for hiking, visiting the winelands and exploring the city’s bustling restaurant scene. You can also skip the crowds in April, with less tourists visiting at this time.

We would recommend the Sabi Sands at this time of year. This private reserve is known for incredible Big Five sightings as well as world class accommodation. In the cape, be sure to spend some time in Cape Town and consider a visit to the Cape Winelands as well! Even the most popular estates in Franschhoek and Stellenbosch are quieter at this time of year, perfect for a private stay!

Where to go on safari in May

Botswana and South Africa are still beautiful at this time of year, but Zambia is particularly incredible during May. The South Luangwa Park opens its gates after being closed during the rainy season, and most of the Lower Zambezi National Park camps open too. Zambia is quiet at this time of year, so if peace and quiet is what you’re after, we’d definitely recommend visiting this southern African country during the month of May.

Zimbabwe is also quiet, but beautiful during May. Victoria Falls are at their peak flow at this time of year after the heavy rains, so if you’re planning a Zimbabwean safari during May, we definitely recommend visiting the falls during your trip too.

May is also an excellent time to make a stop in Mozambique after the safari portion of your African trip. The rain has mostly disappeared by April/May, and with it the unpleasant humidity, meaning this is the most comfortable time to visit this beautiful country. The temperature stays around 28 degrees Celsius, ideal for relaxing on the beach and catching your breath after the rush of a safari. The waters are incredibly clear at this time of year as well, so travelers interested in snorkeling or scuba diving are in for a treat.

There’s a lot of beautiful places in Mozambique, but our first choice is the islands within the Bazaruto Archipelago. There’s plenty of activities on offer here, and the white sandy and warm water is ideal for spending some time relaxing after your safari.

Where to go on safari in June

Deciding on where to safari in June is a real challenge, and this is because so much of Africa is pristine at this time. Southern Africa is still spectacular, but the rains in East Africa have also come to an end, meaning the wonders of the Serengeti and Maasai Mara are once again a spectacular sight.

If you’re struggling to decide on where to go, we recommend travelling off the beaten path and venturing to Madagascar for your June safari. With the rains of summer finally drying up, Madagascar’s roads become drivable again, and so the whole country is open to explore. This is also a much quieter time of year than the bustle of August and September, so we’d definitely recommend travelling to Madagascar during June if you’re searching for peace and quiet.

We’d recommend a visit to Andasibe National Park, the country’s most popular game reserve. This reserve is home to a huge selection of the country’s unique wildlife, including lemurs, chameleons, geckos and birds. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot the largest chameleon on earth, the Parsons chameleon, as well as one of the smallest, the nose-horned chameleon.

Another must visit location during your June safari to Madagascar is to the Masoala Peninsular. It’s tricky to get to – lying in the far north-east corner of the island surrounded by forested mountains – but the effort is well worth it. Venture into the forests to discover more unusual lemur species, or don snorkeling gear and explore the crystal ocean water. June is also the beginning of the whale season in Madagascar, so keep an eye out for these gentle giants off the coast.

There’s plenty of African safari destinations that are spectacular during the months of April, May and June. If you’re interested in planning a safari and need some help, get in touch with Stanley Safaris. We’ll create a unique, luxury safari, specifically created, just for you.